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How many christmas presents should i get my parents?

How many christmas presents do you normally get your parents? I have got them both 2 each and was thinking of getting them both 1 more so just though i’d ask how many you guys get your parents?

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5 Responses to “How many christmas presents should i get my parents?”

  1. Mary K said:

    I personally would have only gotten them 1 each, but I have children. So it’s really up to you. Maybe you should stop at 2 materialistic presents, and just make sure you help them around the house and do what you can to make their lives easier, they will never forget that.

  2. Andy said:

    – one unique digital caricature 🙂

  3. Starsia said:

    I usually just get my parents either one nice gift (which doesn’t have to mean expensive) and a few small things like tiny chocolates and stocking stuffers. Or a few gifts that they have mentioned that regular type things such as a sweater or a book. Now when I say one nice gift I mean one year I bought my mom a painted horse which I had to order in special and cost quite a lot. Then another year I made a scrapbook, which only cost me about twenty dollars for the book but lots of time and love for the pictures and the way the book was put together. It’s the thought that counts not the amount. Just put your heart into what you give them. If they love you it won’t matter what you get them. If you are thoughtful, observant and considerate they will love what you get for them.

    I have always been annoyed by people who give gifts for others based on what they like and not based on what the others would like. It shows an incredible level of self involvement. If i give a gift to someone I want them to love it and to enjoy using it every-time. If you give a gift to someone and it’s something you like and not something they like then hopefully they will be polite and say they love it but in the end that item will end up garbage or re gifted and that’s an incredible waste. My point is that if you know your parents really well then you don’t need to get a bunch of things. One or two from the heart gifts should do. Plus the season is more about being with the ones you love then getting gifts. I love the games and sitting down to talk with family you haven’t seen all year. My least favorite part is opening gifts because afterwards christmas is over. Also I don’t think 2 gifts or even three are any where near materialistic. Unless one is a porche and they already have one lol.

    Whatever happens I wish you a happy holiday!

  4. Alison said:

    I usually make a lot because I’m crazy i make like 5!!!!!!!!!!!!! But for you I think maybe two or one.
    I hope that helps! Merry Christmas!

  5. jake said:

    i find this a difficult subject, ive personaly got my parents nothing. its only 3 days till christmas, so i might make them something. like a small box for bracelets and watches etc.. i dont have much time though 🙁


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