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What are good christmas presents to get my parents?

As I am sure you know Christmas is coming up! I have NO IDEA what to get my parents! Please help me! I dont want to get the same old things( i.e. clothes, perfume, jewelry, and other normal stuff) I know my parents would like something homemade but I want something different also. I only have like 30 dollars so please tell me something cheap.

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8 Responses to “What are good christmas presents to get my parents?”

  1. judy b said:

    I get my parents a gift card for dinner and a movie they seem to like it and ask for it every year.

  2. Sabrina W said:

    for your mom, I would buy like a box of decorative soap, or like a bath salt. For your dad, I would buy some kind of cologne.

  3. Brian F said:

    get them their favorite bands t-shirt or get their signatures.

  4. Annie said:

    bake them cookies with their faces on them

  5. Cute said:

    Power Tool
    Digital Photo Frame
    Diary 2009
    iPod nano

    Or find at this site have many best Christmas gifts.

    Hope this help.

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Amy said:

    make some nice dish from that like cake or something else that you can make easily,
    I would suggest you to take these discount coupons with you when you will go out to get a gift for you parents, it would definitely help you out

  7. bluesharkflame said:

    if you have some other people to pitch in money wise…this is a great present. it’s a digital pix frame. and you don’t need a computer to upload your pictures. you can use it via email or camera phone. it’s really cool here’s a link to check out.
    also there’s a great xmas video to see how it works. hope this helps. it’s worth it!

  8. Angel Lee said:

    I would get them a gift card to the movies or maybe to their favorite restaurant.


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