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What are good ideas for christmas presents for teenagers?

So my boyfriend and I are both 16 and have been dating for 8 months. I know he is getting me something really nice for christmas because our anniversary is 3 days before christmas so he’s getting me something big. I’ve gotten the hint that it’s jewelry. I want to get him something equally as nice but I’m SO bad with coming up with ideas for presents! Any suggestions? Please help.

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8 Responses to “What are good ideas for christmas presents for teenagers?”

  1. Patrick said:

    a snowboard/season pass
    An iPod
    A computer

  2. Ĝ๏รรαмєя Ƹ̵Ӝ̵̄Ʒ said:

    Cologne and a manly necklace. Lol at manly.

  3. kaka said:

    I think teenagers like technology stuff especially boys. Get him a pen drive or hard drive which have your name and your boyfriend name on it. visit my blog

  4. Barbera said:

    Good ideas for Christmas presents for teenagers are laptops or an ipod

  5. bancy said:

    A reasonably priced watch. I expect that your budget will be somewhat limited and you don’t know how much he has spent. Wait until next year to spend any large amounts.

  6. Christmas presents said:

    Boys toys!! Anything to do with technology should go down well. An ipod would be a great present.

  7. Micha Onusko said:

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  8. Tarah Guarno said:

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