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Where can you buy cheap christmas tree ornaments?

I know after Christmas they get marked down a lot so I’m going to wait until then to buy a lot more but I would like to atleast buy bulbs, lights, and ribbon for my tree before Christmas but don’t want to spend a whole lot since I want to save my money for buying gifts.

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17 Responses to “Where can you buy cheap christmas tree ornaments?”

  1. jo l said:

    dollar store

  2. lady said:

    pay a dollar store or buck or two they usuallt sell for $1.00

  3. sapphire001uk said:

    99p or pound store.

  4. Zia said:

    Big Lots

  5. cfoxwell99 said:

    Walmart has some pretty decent price ornaments.

  6. ruthlessworthy said:

    Family Dollar or Dollar General

  7. Josieb said:

    Try some garage sales or look in the newsapaper. You also can also try putting an ad in the paper. Now after christmas all the items will be on sale at least half price. Try walmart or other stores that sells theses christamas item as you just may find some on sale now.

  8. Carol K said:

    Do you have a Dollar General or Dollar Tree store in your area? You might try them.

  9. gracie said:

    I don’t know where you live but if you have Dollar Tree stores everything in the store is $1.00 and they do have ornaments of all kinds and lots of Christmas decorations. There are other 99cent stores in lots of locations where the same applies. Also Dollar General stores are inexpensive and you might also try thrift stores that sell second hand items for low prices.

  10. suzi m said:

    Make your own ..I use a can opener that leaves no sharp edges Take the tops and cover them with felt and cut out a picture you like and place in the middle..drill a hole in the top for and ornament hanger hook.

  11. bllnickie said:

    well here are some places to get cheap ornaments

    1.dallar general
    2, family dallor
    3. dallar tree
    4,odd lots
    5.yard sales
    6.salvation army and good wills this time of year
    7,,have you family make them..those are the special ones
    8..Kmart has cheap ones
    9..have a dinner and ask every family member to bring a ornament..

  12. Jim B said:

    99 cent stores

  13. Nurse Nancy :) said:

    Thrift shops, Good Will stores, ebay, garage sales, and yes, The Cracker Barrell Restaurant.

  14. Msbaton said:

    TJ Maxx, Target, Tuesday Morning

  15. ebizoutlook said:

    I put one article in my resource list talking about cheap Christmas decoration. Hope it helps to spark some ideas. The site has a lot of other good info too. Check it out!

  16. Sparrow said:

    1)Walgreen’s; they have a fairly decent assortment, but I don’t think they’re out yet. Some are even battery operated allowing you to place them any where. 2) Walmart / SAMs.

  17. Gayane Barnes said:

    99 Cents Store


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