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Did you keep your new years resolution from last year? What’s your new resolution this year?

Hey everyone. Just curious if anyone really completes / keeps their new years resolution. I normally forget mine in like a month or so haha.

So yeah, did anyone keep their new years resolution for this year? And what’s your new years resolution this year :)?

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20 Responses to “Did you keep your new years resolution from last year? What’s your new resolution this year?”

  1. Iloveshane said :

    I dont remember what mine was last year..Lol

    this year I have 2

    1. lose the baby weight!!
    2. save money and stay closer to my budget ( a work in progress)….

  2. Miguel_19_from LA said :

    This year i eat more hot cheetos and sleep alot more than last year.Yeah.

  3. ~fear is the heart of love~ said :

    Yes I did! I forgot! I completed some of it. Mine this year is
    -to eat 2 fruits every day
    -take a 20 minute walk three times a week (or just run the treadmill)
    -win science fair at least for my school (or maybe i should just aim for finiishing)
    -get all a’s this semester 😀
    -DONT PROCRASTINATE!!! (I’m off to a pretty terrible start, seeing as I’m putting off the science fair one for y!a)

  4. Mia J said :

    I don’t even remember my New Years Resoloution!

  5. thej0yb0y said :

    my resolution is to continue not making any.

  6. _ said :

    Yes, and my new years resolution is to improve my baseball skills.

  7. Sealed With a Smile said :

    Last Year: Stop biting my nails — worked for a couple months, but now I’ve slid back into my old habits. 🙁 Some words of encouragement would be appreciated 🙂

    This Year: I have several (yes, the nail-biting one is in there, as well as eating healthy, studying hard, and just keeping up what I’ve been doing well lately), and I have promised myself that I WILL keep them.

  8. Nate said :

    I don’t even remember mine from last year.

    This year I have a few,

    Learn guitar… I tried awhile ago but just haven’t found time to consistently practice.


    Be more confident in myself.

  9. ♥Isis Clause♥ has been naughty said :

    psh.. i 4got my 1 from last year

    this year: try to remember last years…

  10. said :

    Last year:
    1. Lose weight/get healthy
    2. Save money

    Happened? Lost some weight.. for awhile & that’s about it. (I’m not overweight though, so it’s okay)

    This year:
    1. Exercise 3x/week
    2. Eat good food
    3. Stop getting sick (I’ve had my tonsils removed AND I’m getting my gallbladder out next week!)
    4. Save money for college
    5. Graduate early from high school
    6. Keep loving my boyfriend (1 anniversary Dec 18th!), easy…
    7. Get a stronger relationship with my parents & brother

  11. ♥Kiss Meee Under the Mistletoe! said :

    My New Year’s resolution last year was to loose 50 pounds.
    Needless to say I didn’t keep it cause it’s the same this year.

  12. Rosestars said :

    I only have one new year resolution and its been the same for as long as i can remember..which is,to try be a better person than before.

    Simple as that,i can’t keep up with many resolutions,i think that if there’s too many,we are living ahead of our time.

  13. Leonardo ♥ is my Edward Cullen said :

    1. To study more and do well in everything at school.
    2. To not let the little things get to me.
    3. To stress less and sleep more.
    4. To get to school on time!
    5. To know what priorities come first.
    6. To be more healthy and exercise more.
    7. To not care about the material things in life.
    8. To compliment people more.
    9. To stay strong.
    10. To be physically, emotionally, spiritually healthy.
    12. To stop wasting my time researching celebrities – they don’t matter!
    13. To read more books – particularly ones
    14. To always be myself and not comform to be like everyone else.
    15. To do something different that I have never done before.
    16. Listen to different styles of music that I’m not used to.
    17. To work more on my writing and English – I want a career in that area 🙂
    18. To achieve at least ONE of the above!

    I had just as many New Years Resolutions last year…and I don’t know if I achieved many at all 😛

  14. la la la la la la la said :

    yes and proud of it =)
    haven’t had soda for almost a year! woohoo!!
    hmm….im thinking no chips.
    im trying to cut out junk food one year at a time =)

  15. Jenny said :

    i will keep my new year’s resolution this year. Sure

    My new year’s resolution is save money and make good bank balance by using different saving methods like

  16. HubP said :

    You can get idea about New Year Resolution which are easily available through many sources like Internet, or some forward mails. It is the right time to take feasible New year Resolutions.

    Some people make impossible and impractical resolutions. And after that, it will be difficult to follow such resolution and they will give it up.

  17. bla bla said :

    this is my first year to actually write down a resolution cuz normally i store it all up in my head so i can forget it easily and not get depressed 🙂 so this new year’s resolution would be:
    1. do a right side lay up in basketball perfectly (im left handed)
    2. learn how to do awesome football tricks
    3. be closer to and help my frnd’s sister (he died.hope he rests in peace<3)
    4. help people more often
    5. do something to be remembered for

  18. Crazy Gal said :

    I MADE MY LAST YEARS RESOLUTION! I am so excited i went a whole year without drinking a soda. I decided last year that i had to do it because i was drinking way to much sugary drinks and it was affecting my health. So starting Jan 1 2008 i stopped drinking soda and haven’t had one since. I am gunna try to do it this year to.

    Also Stop procrasinating
    Eat a veggie or fruit every day
    Do minimum 25 situps every day

  19. tam88 said :

    check out this interesting blog post on resolutions:

  20. ♥hypn0tizinq b3auty♥ said :

    to stay out of trouble and problemsz at skool.


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