Is Pac Sun going to have any after Thanksgiving sales?

I want to buy Christmas presents from there but if there is a sale I’ll wait.

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6 Responses to “Is Pac Sun going to have any after Thanksgiving sales?”

  1. Kelly Girl :] said:

    Sorry to say, but no, I love pac-sun as much as you do, but I hear they are supposed to have them on christmas, you know, because presents and all that stuff. That would be fun for both of us to shop together.

    Happy hunting.
    Have a good thanksgiving 😀

  2. goku00 said:

    i dont know

  3. *~*Boo*~* said:

    Yes they are!

  4. BaBy GoT BaCk said:

    Uh probably… but by March next year all Pac Sun stores are going to close… like shut down. FOREVER!

    So buy what you want… FAST!

  5. Hp said:

    yes they are, but even with the sale, their merchendise is pretty expensive.

  6. Erac Q, or What said:

    Yes they will. Good luck and happy xmas, dude


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