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Do you see the new year as a fresh start?

I do. But some people make a big deal out of what year it is like how its going to be 1.1.11 on new years. I think its just a random number it really wouldn’t make a difference what number it is. Like how people made a big deal out of the millenium. 2000 was just a number like any other year. What do you think?

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19 Responses to “Do you see the new year as a fresh start?”

  1. Ash said:

    Just a new way for the universe to fawk me over

  2. ︻╦╤─ Dj Kid said:

    i can careless I never got a gf:/

  3. Steph said:

    I’m going to focus really hard on my education. Nothing I was doing in school made sense last year, and all of a sudden it did. So I’m going to make the most of it.

  4. the_other_realm said:

    It is just another year, nothing really gets a fresh start, people still remember the past years ;)~

  5. moonage daydream said:

    not really

  6. sαrαh said:

    I always fail along the year.

  7. Ryan Anthony said:

    yep a brand new start!

  8. Dzjx Dzjx said:

    i tryy!

  9. mark k said:

    A fresh start indeed it is a good way to put a bad string of luck behind you. I agree with you on the numbers thing when 2000 rolled around people were buying generators thinking something was going to happen like everything was going to quit because it wouldn’t recognize 2000. How goofy

  10. Pearl L said:

    i think youre right

  11. Alli (who's a happy person) said:

    I kinda do. I see more of the school year a new start. But I guess for some people they don’t have an new school year. So yeah, I guess.

  12. Level 5 NINJA! said:

    No, I don’t really do New Years resolutions and stuff. I always break them, so I make goals as I go! ^-^ It is nice to overview what happened during the whole year, when the next year begins, though! And cool, the date’s gonna look awesome. 😛

  13. Cutie Pie♥ said:

    Yeaa 🙂

  14. s my d. said:

    nope…not at all

  15. remoserjr107 said:

    Just a continuation for me, being in School….!!

  16. whatwhat said:

    2011 is the year of the Mike
    a real fresh start.

  17. Graybeard said:

    At my age, I tend to view a new year as another year shot to heck.

  18. ♥♦Pinches People's Butts♦♥ said:

    Why would I have to wait for the new year when I can start fresh now? If you want a fresh start, you don’t have to wait, you can do that whenever you want to.

  19. OshKosh B'douche said:

    Nope. I think of it as just a repackaging. And I think 20 November 2011 is easier to remember than 01.01.2011. “Good numbers” are overrated.


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