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Does the value of a car go down after the start of the New Year?

I was looking to buy a truck the other day from a dealership but didn’t buy it. Now that it’s the new year, the truck is another year older. It’s a 2000. Should it be worth less today?

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3 Responses to “Does the value of a car go down after the start of the New Year?”

  1. Golden said:

    Yes, definately.

  2. gearhead4 said:

    No. The truck Model Year (MY) is one of the factors that affect the value of the truck. The 2000 model year was probably introduced in September 1999. So, it lost some value when the 2009 models came out back in September.
    Other factors affecting the purchase price:
    The condition of the truck (miles, body damage. mechanicals)
    How many of those trucks are sitting on the dealer’s lot.
    How reliable that model is.
    Last summer. that trucks MPG rating was a big factor. Today, low MPG is less of a concern.

  3. JeffyB said:

    The value of any used car changes constantly. That’s why the NADA used car guide comes out monthly, and why is updated daily. Trucks have lost a lot of value over the last few years because they are so bad on gas. For a 2000 model year truck, you should expect to pay very little. Check for the wholesale price, and pay as close to that as you can. If it’s a Dodge, don’t buy it at all. They have lots of problems. Good Luck.


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