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What do people do to start the first few minutes of the new year?

I heard some people have sex at midnight on new years eve to start a new year having sex. What else do people do?

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8 Responses to “What do people do to start the first few minutes of the new year?”

  1. morganxbabycakes said:

    well, usually depending on the amount of alcohol a person has consumed they pass out.

  2. Optimist said:

    Wish for each other a Happy Lovely Year.

  3. Katrina said:

    lots of people kiss at midnight for good luck. in the south they eat a dish called hoppin’ john for dinner on new year’s eve.

  4. Marie said:


  5. Swimming against the current said:

    friendly kisses with everyone, then find someone to hook up for some intimate 1-to-1 kissing 😉

  6. wishnuwelltoo said:

    I took my dogs outside so they could go potty. The neighbors across the pond were getting drunk and setting off fireworks and firing guns. I think some people drink a toast to good fortune, then go to sleep.

  7. Ella said:

    Hug and kiss. Make a toast.

  8. Nacy said:

    read books,plan for the new year.


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