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What is a good color to start the new year off with?

Tomorow (well today because it’s 1am), I’ll be going shopping with some gift cards to my favorite store. I check their website to see what I want to purchase. I have an outfit in mind, but I just can’t decide on which color I want. I am planning on buying these jeans, a sweater, and a cami to go under the sweater. I just need the right colors to have the New Year start off right. I want to wear it on New Year’s Eve when we see this Shakespeare play. What is a color good for the New Year?

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7 Responses to “What is a good color to start the new year off with?”

  1. HollyWood said:

    red is allways hot …..

  2. artisiaw said:

    red or pink

  3. Emily p said:

    orange. you will stand out. i mean who wears orange? and it is such a beautiful color.

  4. babitha t said:

    white that means peace

  5. tiffany j said:

    It all depends on your hair color, your body shape, your complexion, pick what looks best on you.

  6. deepti s said:

    If u want to be in love then purple is the best colour.If u want to be angry in 2007 then there is no better colour than red. If u want to be peaceful then try white.If u want that the new year should be like the previous(2006) year then just be what u r .

  7. Billy Bob said:

    Red is the colour at the moment.


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