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Is burning Santa in the chimney a bad start for the new year?

I had a fake Santa next to the fireplace and it flamed up like a candle and I had to throw it inside the chimney! Is it a bad start for the new year or just another proof of my 71IQ??

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12 Responses to “Is burning Santa in the chimney a bad start for the new year?”

  1. Rebecca R said:

    no that would be awsome

  2. friddydope said:

    I’m not sure but that’s totally hilarious! =]]

  3. 10/3you said:

    LOL omg thats a funny way to start a new year

  4. elise w said:

    the santa has cursed you with bad jewjew! ¬_¬ give me £100000 and i will remove this curse ^_^

  5. CharJ, USA said:

    Haha. Poor Santa!

  6. JO said:

    lmao ..santa is suppose to come down the chimney not go up it in flames .. he will be avoiding your chimney next year hun … usual my face hurts from you making me laugh,,thank you xxxxxxxxxxx…. bet it wont affect your year at all but give a few more people a laugh when you tell them what you did !

  7. ginabobina said:

    idk but that is funny

  8. Dr. Tough Love said:

    is the babysitter boring?

  9. DallasHockeyGirl16 said:

    Maybe a bad thing, but if I was there, I would have laughed my head off! Just appologize for the accident and move onto the Easter Bunny! JK!

  10. Voughn said:

    I’d say after the twelve days of X-mas burning Santa Clause is adhering to the Eiphany in January, when X-mas is officially over.
    Put a positive spin out it, Santa was helping you clear out the new with a hot and heated start to the new year. 🙂
    I’m sure Jesus/God (if you believe) could get a laugh out the situation though.

  11. allan p said:

    no it not bad for you but bad start and end for sant .tell other people about this it is very funny.

  12. Helen said:

    omg lol your question make me laugh so much lol you are cute


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