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When was the start of the chinese new year in our 1976?

Every year the chinese new year is supposed to start on a different day because the chinese calendar follows the lunar year. My husband and I have debated whether or not he was born in the year of the dragon. He was born January 19, 1976.

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One Response to “When was the start of the chinese new year in our 1976?”

  1. StudentOfTheCosmos said:

    Your husband:

    Year – Yin Wood Rabbit
    Month – Yin Earth Cow
    *Day – Yang Metal Horse
    Hour – ?

    *Contrary to popular belief, DAY, NOT YEAR, is most relevant to the individual, especially when it comes to determining personal relationships and compatibility.

    Also, the start of the Chinese zodiac year is not Chinese Lunar New Year’s day, but actually lichun, i.e. “start of spring” – specifically the first day of the Tiger month, usually around the 4th of February, but could be 3rd, 5th, or even 6th (like in 1976’s Yang Fire Dragon year, for example). This is because the 12 animals, more properly known in Chinese fate-calculation as the “12 earthly branches”, together with the 10 heavenly stems (Yin-Yang with 5 elements), are solar-based.

    1. Yin Wood Rabbit: February 5, 1975 – February 5, 1976
    2. Yang Fire Dragon: February 6, 1976 – February 4, 1977


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