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When does Chinese New Year rates in hotels start?

What dates are covered under hotels’ Chinese New Year peak season rates this year?

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4 Responses to “When does Chinese New Year rates in hotels start?”

  1. Zaceboy said:

    I learned that in my school, maybe latest jan or early fab.. as i learned =/

  2. Polly's In Love said:

    red lantern specials in malaysia, singapore and thailand usually start a full 3 weeks before CNY, which falls on feb 14 this year. popular resorts in the philippines, which are still running christmas specials, have block off dates leading immediately to CNY. this means they will most likely raise their rates by then.

  3. the perenial traveler said:

    Feb 14! Go check this wonderful Boracay hotel out! Lots of chinese checking in here even if it’s not chinese new year.


  4. Samara said:

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