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why do people eat blackeye peas and hog jowl for The New Year?

for the new year? I cannot understand the reason of this. Can anyone explain?

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6 Responses to “why do people eat blackeye peas and hog jowl for The New Year?”

  1. lisa m said:

    Its an old wives tale that is supposed to bring you money and good luck in the new year.

  2. billy said:

    Cause its good, cook up a big mess and snack on it all day.
    Also its a tradition here in Eastern Kentucky, supposed to bring good luck all year and never be hunger all year. Sometimes I eat it just cause I like it.

  3. riffers21 said:

    im not sure… i didnt have hogjaw but i did have BEP’s and ham. yum! pork and sauerkraut is another popular dish, not sure how that started either.

  4. lizzabizza said:

    I thought it was black eyed peas and greens (collard, mustard – whatever)

    The black eyed peas will bring you luck – and the greens will bring you money.

    I think it’s a southern thing.

    I’m not sure what hog jowl is – but if it’s the same as fat back – then yes – you cook it in with the greens – and VERY YUMMY. (but I’m a vegetarian now)

  5. Celtic Tejas said:

    LOL You have 1/2 the custom right.
    It’s Greens(collards, chard etc.) & Blackeyed Peas.
    Greens representing Cash/Dollars & Blackedeyed Peas Coins = Prosperity in New Year.

  6. Missy H said:

    for good luck.


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