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What could be an ideal gift for people in old age home on new year eve ?

Some of us thought of starting this new year by spending some time with the people living in an old age home and by giving some gifts to them.We are confused of which gifts would best suit them ? We’ve talked to one of the home’s authorities and they said they have books and clothes with them.
So any suggestions on this ?
Sweaters is one choice that we have.

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19 Responses to “What could be an ideal gift for people in old age home on new year eve ?”

  1. drgoodhi said:


  2. hellanbach said:

    very soft lollies would be nice.

  3. ladynamedjane said:


  4. veevintage said:

    Vintage music… an old record player and some records… or cd’s!! Old stuff, from the 60’s and back. They will LOVE you for that! (Voice of experience! 😉 )

  5. Reva P said:

    The best gift that you can give to anyone in such a condition is your own time and continued interest, freely given.

    AKA, keep visiting. Far too often people in old age homes are pretty much forgotten and ignored by their own family members. Showing an interest by making a commitment to visit on a regular basis is the very best gift.

  6. jenn said:

    I would think something home inspired would be nice. A soft
    blanket or a decoration of some sort but believe me they will think of your company as the best gift of all. Older people are
    the best people because they are kind and know so much more about life than we do.

  7. amleecdt said:

    sweaters is a good idea,,, yhou could all go and buy a small throw blanket for each one too, or you could buy a bolt of fleece fabric at the fabric store and cut it into lap sized squares, then fringe the edges (just cut approx. 3″ in on each side about half an inch apart to create fringe)… it would be cheaper than buying individual blankets, and in an afternoon, the whole group could have them all made.

    good luck!!

  8. kedi said:

    i think music from their era and a dance floor. Did this one new years i spent in nz. and both young and old people had a ball.

  9. Nana said:

    Music and video CDs,warm socks and or slippers,board games, flowers are a few that I can think of. My friend goes once a month and they sing old songs with the piano, which everybody loves and they all join in. A lot of old folks love entertainment.

  10. QT said:

    Your time and some sparkling cider to make a toast…and maybe a photo album of events that have occored over the past years.

  11. Country girl said:

    The elderly frequently feel cold even in warm rooms and many are probably in wheelchairs, a lap quilt would help to keep their legs warm and not bunch up under them like a regular robe would. Mostly just someone to talk with for a short time would be most appreciated.

  12. crzybabi said:


  13. xovenusxo said:

    Before we moved my father out of his nursing home and in with my sister we spent time there and got to know what people want. I would suggest pajamas and nightgowns. Sometimes they get soiled by the patients and aren’t cleaned well enough. Crossword puzzle books and find a word books are always good to give them something to do. Picture frames for their family members can be nice. Things like posters to pin up on their bulleting boards….a small table top Christmas tree to put by their beside (they LOVE fiberoptic ones to stare at if you can get them in bulk and on discount or get donations for them…so what if Christmas has passed). The socks with the treads on them are very useful so they don’t fall. A nice throw blanket to put on top of their ugly standard bedspread can be nice. A little music box……a scrap book where they can tape in the cards that people send to them. Nice smelling moisturizers since they get dry. A cushion for their wheelchair (the kind that look like a blow up donut so they do not get sores) Nerf balls so they can squeeze them and get back some arm strength. Funny New Years hats. Videos or DVDs of old movies from their generation or tapes of music from that era. (they love reminiscing). Playing cards so the more mobile ones can play with their friends in there (the large and easy to read kind since vision can be poor) Backscratchers since many get dry backs that become itchy from laying in bed and they cant reach too well. Warm socks since their feet get cold easily. A 2007 calendar with beautiful pictures of the world on it that they can pin up on their bulletin boards. Shawls or something to throw around their shoulders for a little extra warmth. Cookies and candy. Good luck and that is a very nice thing you are doing!!!!!!!!!

  14. Gwendolyn R said:

    I think that they would probably appreciate a volume of tapes of old television shows. Maybe if you could get your hands on a volume set of “Hawaii 5/0, Mannix or McLoud. They may even enjoy the old “Mission Impossible”. Elder people love things like that. You can find these types of tapes at Best Buy. Also, you might contact Time Life. They have these types of things. Remember the Carol Burnet show with Harvey Coreman and Tim Conway. Of course, another alternative to this is, purchasing a few months of cable for them. TVland shows old shows that they grew up on through the years. Also, they really enjoy things like gourmet baskets that have the summer sausage, cheese and crackers in them. Pepperidge Farm makes great baskets. I get a catalog called “The Vermont Store”, they carry items in this catalog that you may have seen when you were a kid. Older people like things like that. I remember seeing the 60’s silver tree in there with the turning color wheel. Check it out. I just happen to have the website for them, it is Good luck!

  15. craftgirl_2005 said:

    nice, soft sure & put their names on them!

  16. Superman said:

    To me, the best gift i will give my aged parents in the new year’s eve is the gift money can’t buy. What’s that gift? you may ask me: it is ‘AFFECTION’. Give them total love, affection and great care. If you do this, they will be so happy and elated that they will pray for you. And believe me, no money in the world can buy those above mentioned ”gifts”. Those are the ideal gifts you can give to people in their old age.

  17. ihave5katz said:

    At the center where my Grams was, the ladies LOVED being taken to a salon and getting a $15 manicure and pedicure, the fellas loved to just get out and go somewhere for a short drive and tell us all about how it was when they were young and see how the town is changing. If they are bed ridden, you can have their manicures done at the center, you can go through their photo albums with them, help them write letters to family… really anything that takes up their time, that’s the best gift, your time and attention. They also like you to bring your well behaved pets and young children to visit.

  18. shoes_717 said:

    In addition to quilts, warm cider and sweets, how about unique picture frames for pictures of their loved ones? At that age keepsakes are treasured. And if there are cell phones available each of you could allow the resident to make a call to anyone they wish.

  19. CRISTABELLE said:

    A fleecy lap robe (small blanket) in a bright color.


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