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Why have people in Britain started celebrating Chinese new year?

I’m not talking about Chinese in Britain celebrating it but non-Chinese people have started celebrating it here and it’s just strange is all, I don’t have anything against it but it really isn’t our thing to celebrate, we have already had our new year. BTW like I said I have nothing against it I’m just wondering.

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4 Responses to “Why have people in Britain started celebrating Chinese new year?”

  1. Ratz said:

    Always up for a Party?

  2. Transformation said:

    Drink,fall down,get back up?

  3. PoohBearPenguin said:

    Same reason why Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco De Mayo – it’s just another reason to party.

  4. Chris said:

    It,s easy to understand…im a chinese,most of us r nit christians but still celebrate the birth of jesus….is that more unbelivable???? Festivals are universal just like its a local thing


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