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what are some good wishes for Chinese New Year in Mandarin?

like some good wishes to say in Chinese;
gong xi fa cai, happy new year, stay healthy and maybe some advice for this Chinese New Year celebration 🙂
i need it in Chinese Characters and English Translation.



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2 Responses to “what are some good wishes for Chinese New Year in Mandarin?”

  1. Robin said:


    Dajia tonglai guo xin nian
    Huan huan xixi guo xin ninan
    Da jia qu bai nian
    Qi ba long dong qiang dong qiang
    Da jia qu bai nian.

    English Translation

    All of us enjoy the New Year
    Everyone is happy when New Year comes
    Visiting friends, wishing everyone the best,
    Lighting firecrackers everywhere,
    We are enjoying the New Year.


  2. Roll said:

    恭喜发财 gong xi fa cai
    万事如意 wan shi ru yi ( everything well)
    心想事成 xin xiang shi cheng ( things go as you wish)
    新年快乐 xin nian kuai le ( happy new year)
    年年有鱼 nian nian you yu (abundant year)


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