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How Chinese New Year cake origin and turnip cake come from?

I want to know how Chinese New Year cake history and turnip cake start developed

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One Response to “How Chinese New Year cake origin and turnip cake come from?”

  1. Kaman said :

    Lunar new year’s cake

    The lunar new year’s cake origin had more than 2000 years history, inside this also some makes people awaken to the truth literary reference.

    The Suzhou old city in the Spring and Fall Period is the Wu national capital, the Wu king he lyu assigns the Wu Zixu fortification, after completing, Wu king great happiness, is called “the he lyu big city”, the big feast audiences celebrate the whole body of ministers the merit. But, Wu Zixu actually has the feeling but is depressed, he will expect Wu Wang arrogant extravagant not to guard against Yuewanggoujian and Fan Li, the country will sooner or later perish.

    He exhorts under advance finishes many lunar new year’s cakes by the glutinous rice, and burying under city wall. He enjoins the side to accompany densely: after “I died, if the country suffers disaster, the people hunger does not have the food, may (Suzhou one of 6 main city gates) under the city dig three feet toward the gate to eat.”

    The fruit like expects, Wu Zixu afterward suffered brings a false charge against died, Wu is swept away by the Vietnamese troops extinguishes. By now the capital city ran out of food, fields full of the corpses of the starved. Accompanied had thought suddenly Wu Zixu’s injunction before death, then led the common people to go to the gate to pull down a city wall digs, this only then discovered that the original hanger-on the city wall brick was not the soil does, but used the glutinous rice to grind to the lunar new year’s cake which the powder made, in the city common people therefore sufficient were rescued by the lunar new year’s cake.

    Henceforth, the Suzhou people to commemorate and remember always that Wu Zixu’s merit and loyal and heroic, eats the lunar new year’s cake in Spring Festival this day of each family, has spread the land, spreads today.


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