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What are the Chinese New Year greetings to grandparents?

Is it the same with everyone, such as gong xi fa cai, etc.? How do kids greet grandparents on Chinese New Year?

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3 Responses to “What are the Chinese New Year greetings to grandparents?”

  1. just somebody said:

    Lol, I just answered a question similar to this. For the record, it is NOT “gong xi fa cai.” You should just say 新年好 (sin nee-an how/ pin yin: xin1 nian2 hao3) or 新年快乐 (sin nee-an kw-eye le/ pin yin: xin1 nian2 kuai4 le4). In the word “Le,” the “e” does not have a short “e” sound. It sounds more like the “e” in the english word “the.” Just replace the “th” with the “l” sound.

    Yeah, people greet each other this way, regardless of age.

  2. flingebunt said:

    Gong xi fa cai is really more of a southern Chinese (especially guangdong province) greeting. It is really the mandarin Chinese version of the Cantonese Kung Hai Fat Choi.

    Most of Chinese will say Xin Nian Kuai le, roughly Happy New Year. This is said everywhere by everyone to everyone.

    In a traditional province like Shandong grandchilren will katow to their grandparents (on their knees and bow 3 times) then their grandparents will give them a red pocket (hong bao) with new year money (which they will usually put away to pay for their future education).

  3. m said:

    you should give them a card with the character “fu” on it, upside down.
    i wrote an article on the chinese new year with loads of cool little traditions [=

    hope i helped
    -kay x


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