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Liberal Atheists: Should I say Happy Holidays instead of Happy New Year to my Chinese friends?

As they would be “devastatingly offended” if I wished them a happy Gregorian calendar New Year because they have their own Chinese New Year.

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16 Responses to “Liberal Atheists: Should I say Happy Holidays instead of Happy New Year to my Chinese friends?”

  1. Over-reactor! said:

    If they’re rational, they won’t care.

  2. Creation Scientist said:

    Tell them the traditional Chinese greeting: “Owah Tana Siam.”

  3. No Splash Without Log said:

    LOL @ your screen name. Clever. I prefer Rockband..

  4. WL378 said:

    Wow I didn’t know Chinese was a religion I thought it was a race….hmm learn something new everyday.

  5. Creation Crusher 5000 said:

    Ask your conservative atheist friends.

  6. Uncle Thesis said:

    You’re right, life is so complicated.
    I made the mistake of wishing a Jew, Happy Chinook.

  7. Mfh H said:

    Just say have a good new year or I wish you the best. The intentions matter. Your intentions do not sound good, so they would probably be offended.

  8. Evolved Ape said:

    Yes. You must slave your free will to the liberal social and politcal mentality. You must buy into every ounce of liberal rhetoric and progressive propaganda and never question it. Then you will achieve enlightenment.

  9. мєgαη said:

    i hardly doubt it they will care that much.

  10. a sdf12 said:


  11. setaian said:

    What on earth are you talking about? Why would anyone be offended by “happy new year”, and why would liberal atheists care?

  12. Ze'ev said:

    The Peoples Republic of China, and the Republic of China (Taiwan) both use the Gregorian Calendar, the traditional Xia Calendar is only used for traditions. So, they celebrate new years on January 1st as well…

  13. David said:

    Say whatever you want. If the Chinese are in their right mind they would not care.

  14. cookiesRgood316 said:

    I am Chinese and I do not think they would be upset if you said Happy New Year to them. They will learn to adapt to the American customs if they haven’t been to the U.S. for that long. I celebrate both New Years.

  15. Poloport said:

    It’s happy new year if they are in a place with a gregorian calendar.

  16. AVON said:

    any pleasant greeting to a friend is a good thing

    is pessimism a qualification of Conservatism?


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