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Where can I find Chinese New Year stuff on Millsberry?

I want to buy something for Chinese New Year. Please give the shops that sell these items on Millsberry.

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4 Responses to “Where can I find Chinese New Year stuff on Millsberry?”

  1. ♥Skating Princess♥ said :

    Go to the Hardware Store.

    Go to Page 14.

    Scroll to the very bottom of the page, and you should see an item called Decorative Lantern.

    There are also slippers and a dragon head at the last page in the Clothing Store.

  2. cycadelicnormal said :

    The last answer is not correct.

    The Lunar New Year’s Item’s are

    Hardware Store: Lantern
    Clothing Store: Slippers (red, green, white, blue, pink), Lion Head Dance Piece

    To always know where the new items are… including pictures, contests, yardsales, and more check out this great new message board

  3. Richter35 said :

    There are two shops that are selling Chinese New Year items in Millsberry. The hardware store and the clothing store.

    In the hardware store on page 14 you will find a decorative lantern that is being sold for 250 Millsbucks.

    The clothing store has 6 items – a Dragon Head and silk slippers in red, green, white, blue and pink. You can find the dragon head and the pink, blue, white and green slippers on page 28 of the clothing shop and you can find the red slippers on page 27

    Just to warn you, the items in the clothing store seem to sell out fairly quickly. If you are seeking a particular color of slippers and you don’t see them check back after a few minutes and they should be restocked.

    If you want to see how some of the items look on a mills person check out kovachagen. She’s wearing the dragon head and the blue slippers (along with her kimono).

  4. Breanne M said :

    Okay. The hardware store. Click on garden. The decorative lantern should be on the last page. The clothing store. Click on page 28. That’s where the slippers and lion mask is.


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