What should I wear for my Lady Gaga costume?

In my english class, we are making a skit based on a song. So we are doing Alejandro by Lady Gaga.
I’m suppose to be lady gaga, how should I dress like her, or where should I buy her costumes? I can make some stuff, but it will take me a while to sew a costume.

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  1. po-po-poker face! said:

    Gaga’s clothing are so different and brillient im sure you will not be able to find them in any store so i think your going to have to sew them. but for alejandro they just showed a sneak peak of the muxic video last night and i believe she was wearing her hair short and pulled back with a glitter black suit or some sort of latex i didnt get a good enough look at it but just youtube the music video snak peak it you want to see for your self good luck!

  2. Jessicaa ansalong ^^ said:

    uuum, bleach your hair (or wear a wig) and wear a ton of make up. There are probably pictures of some of her make up on google images to copy.

    Not sure which country you’re in, so can’t recommend any shops, sorry, but go for things with HUGEE 80’s shoulders, weird print, tudor style neck things, REALLY bright colours, sequins, underwear on the outside of your clothes, jumpsuits or all in one things, strange hairpieces, anything ridiculously over the top really. Good luck!!! xx hope I helped 🙂

  3. Lady Gaga said:

    Thanks, thanks!


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