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Where can I get one/how can I make a Lady Gaga costume?

I need a Lady Gaga costume, but not too dirty or revealing. I already have a wig in mind. I need a similar costume to her outfits, and cheap! Thanks

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3 Responses to “Where can I get one/how can I make a Lady Gaga costume?”

  1. Rachna said:

    Well, you could find costumes that are similar to Lady Gaga costume at a cheap costume store.

  2. Me not you said:

    wear like a leotard & alot of make up & sunglasses & tutus, BE BOLD

  3. DraMuse said:

    Can’t be that hard, she’d wear practically anything and next to nothing.
    Just grab yourself the right kind of blond wig and some cheap blue make up & your set.

    DraMuse, because you need it 🙂


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