How to make a lady gaga costume?

I want to be Lady Gaga for halloween. But my parents said that they won’t buy my costume, so i need to find a way to make a costume for cheap. I just need ideas of what to do. I want it to be sparkly, and somewhat sexy…but i need ideas…

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6 Responses to “How to make a lady gaga costume?”

  1. Love.<3 said:

    Make a dress out of tin foil!…

    Or just wear meat.

  2. Amy Q said:

    get a black unitard. hot glue meat to it. done.

  3. Alyssa's mommy said:

    Lady Gaga runs around half naked. I am sure you could just come home from school, strip down to your bra and panties, sprinkle some glitter on your body and make your hair crazy. People would figure out you were supposed to be Lady Gaga or some other chick who dislikes wearing clothes.

  4. TeamSabrina ( CLASS OF 2011!!! ) said:

    look on youtube, type in lady gaga tutorials

  5. i am NOT another clone XD said:

    option 1
    Layer yourself in uncooked mean
    option 2
    fishnet tights and a bra and a blazer
    option 3
    cardboard box covered in tin foil
    option 4
    leotard and tights
    option 5

  6. Lowell Bekker said:

    Lady Gaga costumes… Hmm depends on the look you’re going for? You could do one of the “Telephone” outfits by just getting an American flag and folding it so that it looks like a bra and some undies XD
    You could do a simple hair bow with a cheap wig:
    You could also make a discostick (from “LoveGame”):
    You could make a discobra! :DDD just buy a black bra and put disco chips all over it, and put a leather jacket on top XD
    if you are interested in making other costumes, email me at [email protected].


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