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What should I wear to new year’s dinner party?

I just started dating this guy and he invited me to his friends new year’s eve dinner party. He said they will be having prime rib, and it’s this great big house with an indoor pool and hot tub. I am 29, he’s 36. What should I wear for dinner, I’m thinking dressy top, jeans and heels. And should I bring my bikini just incase? How about a bottle of champagne for the host?

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11 Responses to “What should I wear to new year’s dinner party?”

  1. Rae said:

    wear red and make sure you don’t dress tooo nice but i think it is perfect to just wear jeans and a red nicer top and maybe red high heels and bring a big purse so you can put your bikini in it and why not bring a bottle of champagne that is always nice.

  2. Jeremy W said:

    I’d ask him. It might be quite dressy and jeans may be too casual.

  3. Friendly Stranger.. said:

    Well I think the first thing you need to know is what kind of party is it. Is it a formal affair? If so then you want to dress up for it. But it sounds like this is a normal New Years party. I think it is safe to say that you should wear something that is comfortable yet stylish. If this is a party that isn’t a black tie affair then you can feel free to wear something casual. And if you are going to be in the hot tub or pool make sure to take a change of clothes with you and a bathing suit. If you are unsure as to what you should wear you can always ask the guy who invited you.

  4. mollygirl444 said:

    I personally think a bit of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” would make a fantastic impression and start the new year right. Even black jeans, black top with loads of pearls to accentuate the pearls (flaunt them if you’ve got ’em girl) — oh and high heels will do the trick. Definitely bring the bikini just in case and the bottle of champage would make a lasting impression.

    Asking your new bf wouldn’t be a bad start either, but its been my impression that guys just don’t know what casual or dressy mean….

  5. Nightrider said:

    Your choice of clothes and the gift you intend to take are just about right. Yes, wear a bikini underneath your top and jeans, just in case.

    Put in a gym bag with towel and a soap and a bra and undies. Keep it in the car. Take your own hair brush and make up kit too in that bag.

    Have fun…! It’s going to be a great party.
    Pssstttt….. am I invited?

  6. mae m. said:

    I would bring a box of Godiva chocolates for the host. Double impression. It’s different and he can pass them along to his gf and score points. Wear a sexy silky white strapless top or pink sleeveless blouse that has ruffles down the front with a pair of white jeans. Gold high-heel sandals and gold accessories. Red lipstick. Pin your hair up and wear chandelier earrings. Find a nice one piece swimsuit in white or red. Every one else will be in bikinis. You will be different. This is what you want. To stand out in the crowd. If you impress his friends, the evening will be a success for both of you. Wear your earrings with your swimsuit. Don’t get drunk and sloppy. Think before you speak. Be nice to his friends. If you like this guy and want to pursue a relationship with him, be a lady and act like one.

  7. Classy chick said:

    I would aim for a skirt or a black cocktail dress, prime rib and the house seem pretty upscale to me. Always bring a gift to the house bring what you normally drink if it is wine then do so, forget the champagne am sure the host already has it. Do bring the bikini but don’t say anything to anyone that you have it.
    Most of all have fun and stay sober

  8. Enticing_Raspberry said:

    I would wear a sexy cocktail dress with some really cute open- toe pumps. A prime rib dinner is usually a dressy occasion. Sure you can always take a bikini. Just ask your man what the dress code is to make sure.

    The bottle of champagne sounds like a great idea also.
    Sounds like a really fun party, have fun.

  9. chuchi said:

    a cocktail dress

  10. Lonely S said:

    Ok where A Cute short Red dress like not to short

    something like this


    OR you could wear a cute Blue dress


    Or this



  11. Insane Boy said:

    Some nice jeans and a good dress shirt. All the best


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