Which memorable Lady Gaga costume should I wear for halloween?

I’m making my own costume for Halloween, and I’m going to be Lady Gaga. The only problem is I have NO IDEA which outfit I should wear? My best friend is also going as Lady Gaga and she’s going to wear the bubble dress, so I can’t do that one. It also can’t be too revealing because I’m wearing it to a high school dance. THANK YOU 😀

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3 Responses to “Which memorable Lady Gaga costume should I wear for halloween?”

  1. P-man said:

    This one from Telephone. ;D

  2. Delicate Luxii ~ x said:
  3. Sophie's Mommy said:

    The meat costume would be hilarious.
    Also you might try for Lady Gaga style. Just make a dress that is something she would wear not necessarily something she has worn.


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