Where can I get a Lady GaGa halloween costume?

I like love lady gaga and i want to find a lady gaga costume this year. Help Me?

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  1. Evan said:

    Lady gaga is not a tranny 😛
    Ok for one this youll need a blond wig, Here is a thorough tutorial on doing the makeup from poker face, and alot of other little details.
    As for the outfit, do somthing really cooky and weird, go look in thrift stores for any couture looking type of thing, and DONT FORGET, to add the signature lightning bolt on the cheek-


  2. Nichole said:

    These are my favorites. I haven’t decided what to be either yet!

  3. ℓαωℓιρσρ εϊз said:

    I have an idea.
    You could do that costume by buying a black bathing suit or leotard, than glue black bows (like what you put on presents) onto the shoulder and hip. You could also wear black pants. As for the helmet that might be hard to do so I would just wear a wig.

  4. Bill said:
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    i would cut the dress off the bottom a little bit so you cannot see it through the leggings and then tuck it into the leggings, or you can fold the dress up and you can wear it as a dress later, the wig takes a while to get to you so i would order it NOW and you do have to trim the bangs, i bought another wig that was a “Lady Gaga” wig and it was horrible, it kept shedding everywhere and the hair wouldn’t get straight, this wig almost looks like real hair ( i bought this one too after my experience with the first one). The bow is no longer sold at hottopic in blonde but they still have pink available which lady gaga has also worn, you will get tons of compliments on this costume if you do it right!


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