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What is the average amount of Christmas gifts to get your children?

How many Christmas gifts should a parent plan to get for their children? What is a typical amount??
3 kids ages 3,5,8

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18 Responses to “What is the average amount of Christmas gifts to get your children?”

  1. Victor AJ S said:

    I don’t know how young they are, but I’m 18 and i know my parents don’t really judge it on number, but on price. They give about 150 dollars of stuff to us on christmas,

    but if your talking about young children, they always gave us about 7-8 fairly cheap presents, i think it all probably added up to around $100

  2. inquisitor1125 said:

    I usually dont spend a lot on Christmas because I purchase gifts all year round, so I typically spend 150 on each. This is really a matter of personal preference.

  3. george said:

    Tree to four small gifts and one big one so they will smile. Average 5 not to expensive though. The older they are15 and up the more they want money to hang with their buds.

  4. James J said:

    maybe money but not all parents have it but its best to talk to them about it 1-3 gifs should be good they should understand casue i know when X-mas came most of the time i didnt get anything but i still love my parents and i did care if i got anything at all but a parent’s love is the best gif of all XD

  5. Wundt said:

    I think the answer is, “what you can afford”.

    We spend a lot, too much really, on our child. And always have. But, we are fairly stable financially and usually buy gifts over several months to spread out the cost. Even so, when I start to look at everything we have got her, I am amazed at what we spent.

  6. KitKat said:

    It depends on the cost. This year I am spending about $65-$70 per child because I picked several smaller items they wanted (CD, a shirt, a board game etc)

  7. NIKKI M said:

    we usually spend abt the same dollar amt on each kid. Our age ranges vary, so a ten yr. old will want something more expensive than a 3 yr.old. usually abt. $200/child..the number of gifts they get, depends on what they want they want from santa !!

  8. blueflyer24 said:

    I think three or four gifts is a good amount. More importantly I think its good idea to teach children to give something back. Especially to those less fortunate than them. Ive seen children that were given too much and everything they want. They grow up and turn into very dis-satisified adults, always searching for something but never feeling satisfied.

  9. boohoo said:

    I think I spend about 200.00 per kid on gifts from us (mom and dad) Then about $200.00 from santa on a really good gift. so about 400.00 per kid but I do not buy things throughout the year. Just B-day and Christmas.

  10. jinny e said:

    My kids get one outfit, a bottle of perfume, and some money. But they are 18 and 22. I figure if Jesus only got 3 gifts and it is His birthday we are celebrating, then that is all my kids need. I think that Christmas has gotten out of control, it really is a religious holiday to begin with, and it is time to get back to its roots.

  11. brian said:

    heck im 15 and i dont hang out with my friends that much because they annoy me but

    the younger the children the more you want to get them i mean it dont have to be all that expensive but i know that i am gonna get a computer and a tv for christmas since those are both broken lol

  12. Sam B. said:

    its all situational isn’t it? first, don’t spend beyond your limits, and you have to remember to get them each a relatively equal amount.

    a lot of people do Christmas for their the kids the way Christmas was done for them. but it all depends. my boyfriends family celebrates Christmas, but only give a few gifts. (especially now that him and his siblings are older, he’s the youngest and he’s 20) but as a kid he said they did it that way too.

    my family always went all out at Christmas. we didn’t really do gifts or anything during birthdays or throughout the rest of the year, so it’s just what we did.

    and it’s not about the presents anyway. when my parents were struggling financially my sister and i never knew because even though there were less gifts, our house was filled with love and my parents always made sure we understood the true meaning of Christmas.

    happy holidays!

  13. Tabitha said:

    I think between 10-15 presents. Although it depends on the cost, like you can get your child 20 cheap presents or 5 expensive ones.

  14. Kaizons said:

    Um…so I guess I’m on the page of “go way over board”….so far we have never spent outside our means. It’s funny I stumbled accross this today because I just tallied $653.00 for our two young children and another $544 on extended family, friends and nanny etc. We also start shopping in October, so it’s stretched out. Each of my children has 7 gifts to open, but then some bigger gifts such as play kitchen, bike etc. We do a little bit at birthdays but we do not spoil through out the rest of the year. We also tie in needed furniture/items such as winter coats, boots, table/chair, new bed etc as part of Christmas, ususally, so that really increases the cost of the holiday. We essentially with hold any spending from about August on to justify our desire to spoil our little ones at Christmas time 🙂

  15. Mom of 2 said:

    I am a mom of 2 little girls on a VERY fixed income. My 4 year old will have 2 presents from Santa & 4 from mom & dad. My 1 year old will have 1 from Santa & 3 from mom & dad. I usually do a lot more, but just can’t this year. Luckily my girls are young enough to not realize that they will be getting less. And I agree, Christmas has gotten out of control. I’m spending about $300 on my 4 year old and about $50 on my 1 year old. But that will change when they get older, and the amounts will be the same for each child. I started shopping in July, just little things here & there for their stocking stuffers. That has helped me a lot.

  16. anna said:

    I am only 10 years old but my mom usually gets me 20 but no that i am ten i am getting 7 to 8 presents. Most are very epenxive like a few days ago I saw one of my presents and it was a wii. I think kids that are oyunger that are younger should get lots becuase they need things to do also oyu can spend quality time playing games wiht them. It shows they are very special.
    Hope this helps

  17. anna said:

    sorry for the spelling errors. I wrote really fast

  18. anna said:

    I think you dont have to give to many presents because you write a card it makes them very happy because what you write in it it is the thought that counts.
    Hope this helps:):):)


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