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Where can I get some help with Christmas gifts for my children?

I am a single parent with 5 children. I would like to say I am not on welfare and I do wake up everyday and work very hard to support my kids. I have never had to ask for help with Christmas before but my youngest son recently passed away in July and I am now strapped for cash after paying for the burial and funeral services. Can anyone please give me some information on where I might be able to get some helo getting my other children gifts for Christmas? Please… anything helps. Thank you so much.

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6 Responses to “Where can I get some help with Christmas gifts for my children?”

  1. jandismommie said:

    Contact Salvation Army, your local Assistance office, and local churches. Do it ASAP because they fill up fast.

  2. fran said:

    I’m really sorry to hear about your son, i cant even imagine what you must be going through. I would try the salvation army and local churches, even if they cant help they might be able to give details of someone who can, failing that have you though of joining freecycle? to find your local group
    Its amazing the things people give away and you can always put a wanted post on it, i have in the past and you can be amazed by people generosity.

  3. Trojanhorse11 said:

    Sorry to hear about your son – that sounds so sad.

    First answer sounds good, or failing that, try the place where you can go to ask anything: Citizens Advice Bureau

  4. sig said:

    Oo that sad to here…but you don’t worry. look for some good gifts online it will help you in saving time and finding a good gift for your children. Try this site . it has got some good and nice gift ideas.

  5. Brenda Ranta said:

    Hi! my name is Brenda. I have two girls. age 9,13 We need help with christmas gifts. I am not working now cause I have blood clot in leg, and cancer on my nose. We are having a hard time. Could you help us? Brenda Ranta 1515 HWY 337 S.E Corydon Indiana 47112

  6. Allen king said:

    Once again its “CHRISTMAS” time again in michigan and I find my self homeless and with out an income. I have a wonderfull wife, and 3 small children under 10 years old all counting on me to get them into a house. On me to give them christmas. Counting on ME to make sure they don’t have to go to school with stained and soiled clothes. Ahhhh!!! I could just scream! Ang I usally do. I seem to do more and more yelling every day. At my wife, at my son, at my beautifull little girls! When will this stop? When will things get just a hair easier? I have been married for 10 years next march. My son Kristopher is 9 years old. Rileanne is 5. And Callie is only 4. I was full time employed at a warehouse. Where I managed the whole operation for $9.50 an hour. At 28 years old I felt accomplished. I was buying my own trailor. Would have had it payed off before I was 30! AND LOOK AT ME NOW! Well back in feb. of this year 2010 I was injured at my work. I worked in cronic pain for 5 more months. until I tore my back up so bad that the pain plagues me almost every minute of my days. I am not able to work! I cannot get unemployment benefits because I am unable to work. My boss keeps making remarks implying that my injury was not work related! Of course that trick! I should have known! On july 16 I decited that I was killing my self at this job and I felt that I desurved to get away. Even if only for a weekend. So my wife children and I all packed up the car for a rode trip. We were going to drive to the ocean and back. Just get away. Well we made it as far as tenesee. Then our car broke down and we were stuck! No friends no resources, nothing. Now we had to find a place to stay until we could fix our car. We were verry fortunate to fina a verry nice man willing to let us rent a home for $400. A month! And he waited until the 3rd of the month when misty got payed! A GOD SENT! Well we had to pay rent now and could not afford to get the car fixed right away. By time we were able to get my car fixed and back home, we had no home. Over 3 months had past. Our home was already re-sold along with all of our belongings. Well we now have a storage that holds some clothes and a few other personals that we managed to save. Along with 3 gifts a piece for my kids. Now the only income I have is $50.00 a week that I get for donating my plasma twice a week. Well atleast when we have gas to take the 40 minute drive there. I just don’t know what to do any more. My wife is currently receiving $645.00 a month for SSD. We are working so hard to get things back on track. But it seems inposable! My paster keeps saying that its HIM possable. And that the lord will provide. But here it is DEC 6 and the holiday is aproaching real fast. We have been bouncing from couch to couch. Where ever we can find a place to lay our heads for the night. Misty, that’s my wife. She keeps talking about a place that sais that they will help with down payment assistance. I really hope they can help soon. We have been with out a home from november 2nd until current. The children don’t understand. We are always in some place. Doing somthing. But come on there is only so much you can do for free. We have been exausting our selves triying so hard to find a place that here it is 2 weeks away and nothing. We can afford monthly rent in a terrible neiborhood. And I would be ok with living any where as long as my children have a safe place to lay there heads. The biggest problem we have been having lately is down payment. No one will help. We have called over a hundred churches in a 30 mile radius and no luck. We can’t even get the state to help with food or medical. They say that we are not a high priorety because we can crash on my moms couch. Well she lives in a trailor park and if her park finds out she has us there they will surely termenate there lease and put them on the street too. There only incme is $490 a month. They would not recover from that. There barely getting by as it is. I am begging anyone who feels that that they could possably help with anything please call me. Usally I would never put my # on the internet but I am out of options. I NEED HELP! Again my name ia Allen King and my # is. 248-778-6687. Any thing you could do would help. Information is free. If you know of any place that could. Or any one else that I could call. Please let me know.
    A verry stressed husban and father
    Allen King


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