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should I buy a laptop for college this black friday or wait till summer?

I want to get a laptop with a core i7 processor and good graphics card but I dont know if the prices will go down this summer.
But I think that this black friday will have some really good deals on the core i7s + high end graphic cards.

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7 Responses to “should I buy a laptop for college this black friday or wait till summer?”

  1. breakman10 said :

    Wait for after christams or around the best deals are then companys want to unload old stuff to makee room for the new

  2. Andy said :

    Whatever deals black friday has, you will be able to get a computer with the same specs for less this summer, because something newer and much better will be out by then. It’s how it always works. You can buy the top of the line laptop today, but 2 months from now it will be average.

  3. Psychic Computer Repair® PEBKAC? said :

    There is always a better deal or a better computer just a few months from now whenever now is. No matter when you buy you will find a better deal within a few months.
    When do you need the computer by? That is when you should buy it. And keep in mind, the new game that just comes out next year wont play on the new computer you just bought.

  4. Tami Julin said :

    they probablly will be out the first hour on black friday

  5. jasin said :

    laptops you can find cheap before and after thanksgiving, so you do not have to wait specifically for black Friday.

    Now, you did not say how much you have to spend. Yes, cheap is always good, but what is your budget. What is your Maximum?

    As for specs. Make sure the laptop has at least 6 hours of battery life, does not weigh more than 5lbs (less is better if you plan to walk around a lot), has lat least 4gigs of memory but more is definitely the better, and has at least a 1ghz or more cpu.

    You don’t need 64bit for college, but 64bit is better so if you find a laptop with a 64bit cpu in the same price range then get that.

    Make sure it has windows7 and Microsoft office. Stay away from vista, mac os, and linux.

    Brands to stay away from: Apple (overpriced), Acer, Fujitsu, Gateway, and Msi.

  6. Richard David said :


    ASUS N61JQ-X1 16-Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop (Dark Brown)
    *Intel Core i7-720QM Processor1.6GHz w/ turbo boost up to 2.8GHz
    *4GB of DDR3 1066MHz SDRAM, 2 slots, 8GB Max
    *320GB Hard Drive (7200 RPM); Super Multi Optical Disk Drive; Wi-Fi 802.11 bgn
    *16-Inch HD LED LCD Display; 2.0MP Webcam; Bluetooth; HDMI Port; ATI 5730 Graphics Engine with *1 GB DDR3 Dedicated VRAM
    *Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) Operating System

  7. Billy Trial said :

    Which was kind of inspiring! Completely unforeseen. Now I know what I’m going to do tomorrow


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