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how smart is it to buy a laptop on black friday?

I’m going off to college next year and my mom and I were thinking about buying my laptop on black friday rather than waiting until summer of next year when we’ll have so many other things to buy. How smart would it be to get it on black friday rather than waiting? Also is it true that the savings on black friday aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be?

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3 Responses to “how smart is it to buy a laptop on black friday?”

  1. M C said:

    sometimes you see good prices after Thanksgiving. You really need to know the regular prices. So just keep an eye on them.

  2. PeterJames said:

    Very bad Idea:

    1. Quality is generally lower

    2. What you can get 6 months later for the same price is going to better than what you can get even on Black Friday – technology advances that fast.

    Your best bet would be to see if the School you are going to has a discount with one of the major companies.

    With my school you could get a 20% discount on Dell Laptops and about 10% on Apples. IBM/Lenovo also had a pretty good discount for students too.

    Get more for less later… and be sure to get a 3 year warranty.

  3. MidnightKaz said:

    black Friday is pretty crazy sells my friend bought over 1000 buck worth of stuff in the end ended up to b around on 500 for all because of black Friday but me on the other bought over 800 buck worth stuff and only ended up spending around 300 total

    But it a pretty crazy wait we waited like 1 day before the store opened at fry’s and was still like around 30 something in line xD


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