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How early should I arrive for Black Friday?

This year, I really want to get a Black Friday TV from Walmart. I went Black Friday shopping last year, but not for electronics, so I didn’t have to get there TOO early.

If the store opens at 5, and I want a TV, how early should I get to Walmart on Black Friday?

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5 Responses to “How early should I arrive for Black Friday?”

  1. Kayla said:

    On Thursday.

  2. Dr. Health said:

    Go @ 5 30. People will be pretty much up there my 6 or 7. A lot of things will be in stock. DO NOT go in the afternoon, that is when all the things are sold out or out of stock. Try to set your alarm at 5 and leave out the store by 8.

  3. jay k said:

    LOL don’t listen to the answer above, there won’t be any tvs left at 5:30

    you better do some research, because a lot of Walmarts will not close thanksgiving night. The will stay open all night long and remain open through black friday. 5 am is when they will hand out those tickets for the tv’s and when you can go up to the register and pay for them.

    I would arrive around midnight or 1am at the latest

    have fun getting a bargain

  4. Emily said:

    try Amazon Black Friday deals, they start early this year

  5. Linda Meza said:

    How mean! Ofcourse u cant get there at 5! U have to be there by 12 if you really want it! I know I am! I need to find a job and really could use a laptop to find one so wish me luck I really need it not just want it lol


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