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What time should I be at Target on Black Friday to get the Westinghouse 40″ TV for $298?

This is supposedly the best deal of Black Friday 2010. I really want this TV and I was thinking about camping out and be there at 6 pm the night before. I have never done Black Friday and I am doing this for the experience as well as the deal. Is 6 pm the night before too early, just right, or should I get there earlier?

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5 Responses to “What time should I be at Target on Black Friday to get the Westinghouse 40″ TV for $298?”

  1. Ratto said:

    Leave now, since the best price I could find was $1100.

  2. racingcivic2003 said:

    How about you stay home and stick it to the man. Better yet spend more money and buy something from a company that doesn’t make light bulbs, ceiling fans and humidifiers.

  3. CristinaO said:

    I’m thinking you may want to leave earlier than that, maybe like 4 pm. You wanna be first in line you know? My friend did this last year. He camped out in front of Best Buy the day before. He was one of the first in line. Anyway, good luck. If you do camp out, remember to bring with you some blankets and stuff to keep warm!

  4. blair said:

    Most Targets are advertising they will open their doors at 4am black friday morning.

    People will start to line up about 2 hours before opening….some even earlier than that. I go every year to the target and was lucky enough to get one of the tvs they had on black friday special a few years back. This article will give you some tips for standing in that line. Good Luck!

    Black Friday Survival Tips for Doorbuster Lines

  5. Sabitha said:

    There are other deals also on TVs..see all TV deals in one place on the forum


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