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Is it better to buy a laptop on Black friday or cyber monday?

I’m not sure whats the difference between them except the monday are online deals.
Is it cheaper on monday or is it the same?

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6 Responses to “Is it better to buy a laptop on Black friday or cyber monday?”

  1. The Watchful Protector said :

    actually you will find better deals on white saturday and asian sunday

  2. A M said :

    I would say on Black Friday since there are more people who buy on cyber monday than black friday.

  3. porcha789 said :

    you really want to see if you can get one on black friday it will be the cheapest of the year.

  4. Isprint Psn said :

    I would say cyber Monday. The reason why I wouldn’t say blackpeople Friday is because there are too many wars and too much waiting in line. Cyber Monday you login to site, click purchase, go to paypal and its DONE BRO!

  5. The Fimark Home Online Guy said :

    You can save as much as $200 buying a laptop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
    It all depends on what’s in stock. Your best bet is to buy online Black Friday and avoid items being sold out.

    You’ll find laptops priced as low as $365 here…

  6. Creative Savings said :

    Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday you’ll find deals online. What kind of laptop are you looking for? I’ve been searching myself for a new one and I found some deals that start tomorrow and either go through Cyber Monday or are exclusive to 1 of the 2 days.


    There’s a brand new Toshiba L650 with the i3 processor, 4GB memory and 320GB hard drive. It’s only $499 with the promo code on the site and it includes free shipping!

    If you need help comparing or deciphering terms, had some tips and definitions.


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