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Parents: when will you be done with your Christmas shopping?

I have not started but some hardcore friends on FB are posting stuff like “All done Christmas shopping!” and “Christmas shopping 90% done!”

Am I a total slacker, or are these just some super moms?

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16 Responses to “Parents: when will you be done with your Christmas shopping?”

  1. Rolly Horror Picture Show said :

    I buy things throughout the year whenever I see a good deal. If I didn’t do that, not only would I end up spending a sh*tload more, but I’d also be doing it all the night before we left for my MIL’s. I think I’m done, unless I find something for a great price that I think one of them will really like. I have to be done by the 1st of December this year though, ’cause our ‘Christmas’ is actually Hanukkah, and it starts on the 1st this year, not the 25th.

  2. Proud Mommy said :

    I’ve got most of my daughters shopping done and actually wrapped lol, but I haven’t started on anyone else. I’m going to shop some this weekend for our nephews and my husband. I started early to avoid the crowds that are in the toy stores this time of year. I don’t sweat the adult shopping because they want things that I can get all the time lol, but the toys stores are madness right now and will be until Christmas is over.

    Between now and before Black Friday, stores are having great pre black friday sales, so now’s the time to save on the “hot toys” if your into saving some money, which I am lol.

  3. hanami_apr said :

    oh, no, it’s just time to start, stores are just getting full of new toys and great deals.

    anytime between now until a week before Christmas, do your shopping and you are a super Mom 🙂

  4. bugz said :

    Dont remind me , There is only what 49 days and I havent even started YET!

    Every year I tell myself, Okay you see something, pick it up for x-mas..Do I? nope
    I usually finish the week before…..except for last minute stocking stuffers @ dollarama, then its the procastination of WRAPPING

  5. hsmom said :

    I’ll be done like I am always am. The week before Christmas. I always have last minute things or things I just forget or whatever. Besides, I don’t have room in my house to hide a bunch of presents for 6 months. I have to forbid my kids going into my room starting in December. lol That’s the only place left in this house to hide gifts.

  6. Syd XVI said :

    Probably about the 23rd.

  7. hey mama said :

    more like poor moms…in my case anyways, lol 🙂 I have finished everything for my son pretty much because I’ve been buying and saving since this summer. last year I realized I couldn’t buy everything in december like I used to — with a kid there’s a lot more than goes into things, versus just buying my mom a candle or something…I’ve been buying little by little because I can’t afford to buy all of his stuff at one time closer to christmas. NOT TO MENTION THE CROWDS! ughhhhh, I used to like going out and getting stuff on black friday and the weekends before christmas but that has no appeal to me now whatsoever. there’s nothing like wading through a sea of people in coats trying to push a toddler in a stroller…for hours. while he’s screaming. and he’s got a wet diaper but you can’t get to the bathroom because it’s so busy…

  8. jigfam said :

    I usually leave my shopping until the last minute. It adds to the whole Christmas atmosphere. Same with sending out Christmas cards – mostly posted on Christmas Eve.

    Wrapped??? Omg, that’s usually done around midnight on Christmas Eve.

  9. daa said :

    Done?! I don’t even start until December.

  10. emmi and liams momma! said :

    I have 70% of the shopping done for my kids. I still have niece’s and nephews and siblings and parents to buy for 0_o.

  11. Annie said :

    I’m almost done. I just need to get gift cards for the in-laws and I’ll be done. I’ll do that sometime this week.

  12. Mommy2Aly said :

    I am by no means a super mom, but yes, I all ready have 100% of my daughter’s Christmas presents bought. I just happened to have the money and knew what I wanted to get her. The only other people I am buying for are my younger sisters and all my daughter’s grandparents.

  13. Sophiee said :

    My mom started her shopping a few weeks ago but she won’t be done until Christmas Eve.
    It’s better to get it done faster though, so you aren’t stressing about it and you aren’t (like my mother) buying those last Christmas presants on Christmas Eve. (:

  14. G said :

    I’m ashamed to say I started in June – looking for old Lehmann/Playmobil train sets on Ebay. You get the best deals when you’re the only idiot thinking about what’s going to be driving around the tree 7 months before the fact.

    I am, however, still not done. I find if I spread out the spendings over many months the husband doesn’t notice – or at least feel so compelled to mention – that I spent too much on each individual item.

  15. Ashley said :

    I have all the big things hiding in lay-a-way and I have the nintendo ds hiding in the closet just hoping she wont find it. I am pretty much done, just have to get a few other little things. I usually wait until the very last minute to get anything for anyone.

  16. bec s said :

    mine is done thanks chrisco and hamper king all ready paying 4 next years


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