How do I keep our one year old husky from chewing on our Christmas decorations?

Our husky has a tendancy to get out of her collar when she is tied up, so we keep her in the front yard because it has a fence. Unfortunatley she has a funny habit to chew on anything that is out there, including Christmas decorations. We don’t have this problem inside, so it is a puzzler. My question is, how can I have even the simplest Christmas decoration (she chewed through our christmas lights around the windows, and our solar powered path lights) when nothing is safe out there?

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9 Responses to “How do I keep our one year old husky from chewing on our Christmas decorations?”

  1. Syd-syd said:

    Put bitter apple or vinegar on the item dogs don’t like those things so it will prevent her from chewing on it.

  2. befr3 said:

    thats just the way they are. my husky ate the first step going up the deck, chewed a hole thru the wall, killed several shoes etc. finally calmed down after 2 years

  3. Akari said:

    Put either tabasco sauce, something bitter, vinegar, or that stuff ranchers put on the bridles for horses to keep them from chewing on them.

  4. Bonzie12 said:

    Unfortunately the reason the dog is chewing on anything and everything is because the dog is bored and should be given a lot more exercise. this is a very very active breed and they need at least 2 walks a day each at least 60 minutes. then in addition a trip to a dog park or off leash park where they can just run and play for another hour or so will also help. a tired dog is a less destructive dog. also do not leave the dog outside alone and unsupervised where she can get into trouble. if someone is out there with her they can watch her and let her know that when she goes after something that she shouldn’t it’s unacceptable and can be given a correction.

  5. '♥' Mandie '♥' said:

    Its no puzzle your dog is bored. A husky is not a breed you can just throw outside [ or tie up ], and leave them alone. They need attention/exercise/training.

    Maybe you should do some research on the breed they are known for this. Also digging, and they are amazing escape artists.

    Try spending more time with her. Walking/playing..etc..

  6. fixitmom said:

    Give her something to do like fetch and she should have some raw hides to chew and toys to play with. They are very smart dogs and need attention and exercises. Play with her when she is outside and let her know what she can not do.

  7. harsec said:

    You will just have to use decorations that are safe for her. Christmas is for her too!

  8. minney58 said:

    Ouch, poor puppy, well you can try the bitter apple spray or u can put a choke collar on her the my dog does the same thing she gets out of her collar too that is what a vet suggested

  9. tracey said:

    The only way to prevent this is to correct her each time she does it, but you would have to be present and do it at the time it occurs. Such as clapping you hands and yelling ‘NO!”. This is something that would have to be done consistently otherwise she will not get the hint. Also regardless of anyones opinion you are going to do what you wish so if you continue to tie her outside I would suggest a harness (body) that way. A collar is much easier to remove unless you use those prong collars.

    Good luck


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