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Happy New Year! What is the best way to keep a clean record from the beginning of a new year to the end of it?

Every new year ( the beginning of a fresh year), I would tell myself that I will do everything to avoid making errors. I know that is impossible because no one is perfect. But I believe there is a way one can indeed do this, at least avoid making intentional errors…

I just want to become a better person overall, and I take each new year as an opportunity to start all over…

What’s your best advice?


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7 Responses to “Happy New Year! What is the best way to keep a clean record from the beginning of a new year to the end of it?”

  1. wyomugs said :

    1. Forgive yourself of the mistakes you’ve made.
    2. Begin EACH DAY as a new day. Don’t wait for the end of the year!

    I also try not to make mistakes, but I’ve also learned to forgive myself when I do. It’s really not worth holding yourself hostage over things that are done and complete. Just pick up from where you are, and move forward.

    Happy New Year, to you, too… and, as always,

    Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

  2. K&C's Mommy said :

    1st. Make a list of things you want to change (a reasonable list) if you have it in writing you are making it more real the things on the list. More accountable.

    2nd. Think before acting. We all have choices in our behavior.

    3rd. If you make a mistake don’t beat yourself up over it. We all are imperfect. Forgive yourself and keep on trying. The main goal is that you try to better yourself.

    4th. At the end of ’10 review your list and see if you were able to accomplish it. You prob. won’t be able to do it perfectly but see if you made some improvements and be proud of that.

    Be reasonable about your goals. Just do the best you can. If your a better person for it, you did it then. Be proud of yourself for even little changes you made. Take those changes into the next year as a better person.

  3. Pork & Saurkraut said :

    Follow all the rules.

  4. Sue-MA said :

    Mistakes are the best teachers life has to offer. It’s how we learn, how we grow, and the key to wisdom. It has been shown that some of the greatest genius was born in the face of failure. The secret is not to dwell on the error, but rather on what it taught you. Natural errors from inexperience, nervousness, lack of confidence, human weaknesses happen day in and out. Did you not fall several times before learning to ride a bike?

    To avoid “intentional errors”, first examine those intentions and what’s in it for you. Few of us act “intentionally” unless there is a payoff. Don’t go against your better senses. Trust your instincts. And for those errors that happen over and over again – consider Einstein’s quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

    Live in the moment. The future does not yet exist, so why plan on something totally out of your control. The past is gone and cannot be changed. Hold on to the knowledge you gained in the school of hard knocks, forgive yourself and others and make today count.

    Day by day live by the rules: Think twice before you act or speak. Consider the consequences. Remember doing the right thing sometimes is difficult and takes great effort or pain. Be diligent and reward yourself for each good day. And do something positive each day for a stranger, even if it is as simple as a smile.

    Don’t get caught up in all or none thinking. That automatically sets you up for failure.

  5. H-man said :

    Set yourself to the task of not making the same mistakes twice.

  6. ohayo said :

    Just try my best to be better each time I had a mistake.

    No need to wait for the new year for me. Because I consider that change “can possibly” happen anytime I wanted it to… like for example, if I go around the mall shopping for a necessary item, I will avoid buying on impulse. That is quite hard for me, because Im a shopaholic. To initiate change is hard to do, but the will to try is there and that’s the start.

    I said “I” in first person, because this is what Im trying to do myself. My advice to you would be the same thing.

    Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.
    Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principle.

  7. Cutty said :

    careful,and keep it


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