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What can i do to find love in the new year?

This time last year i was broken & very hurt from my last GF, now i m sitting here and i realize its time to start moving forward with my life, the past has gone and i can do nothing about it, so what can i do to find a GF in the new year hoping this one wants to commit to me?

Its 2011 here!!! Happy New Year.

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2 Responses to “What can i do to find love in the new year?”

  1. Koodo134 said :

    Its nice you wanna move on and you feel like your ready now but you shouldn’t really rush like okay i think im over her im ready to go on and be with another girl.Just be yourself and dont seem so desprete it’ll come when it comes.

    Happy New Year. !

  2. Softtouchmale said :

    Sorry about you being broken by your ex girlfriend.

    Well here’s the best thing:

    1. Learn from mistakes of the past. Yours and hers. Never pass up an opportunity to know and understand any pitfalls so you won’t get hurt the same way twice.

    2. Figure out what you want in a woman, deep down inside as in what she’s like; her character. Honesty, affection, an so on. What is it in her that would attract you — forgetting looks just the person inside the woman.

    3. Then search for her. By God man! Its 2011! Go online. Its like a supermarket out there!

    4. Finally, be certain you do a really good and thorough background check on your new girlfriend once you learn about her identity. Rule out gold diggers, black widows, and women who have a shady past.

    Good luck


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