is your child giving christmas gifts to everyone in class, including the bullies?

my 7-year old and i were making a list of people to give christmas presents to. and he said he wanted to give gifts to everyone in his class (there’s 14 of them). i asked why not just his closest friends. and he said that he wants to give gifts to the mean kids, too, so they won’t bother him anymore.
you can imagine how shocked i was at this bullying revelation! but i’m handling that (you can bet i am!). what i want to know is if my son has a point about giving the mean kids gifts at all.

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5 Responses to “is your child giving christmas gifts to everyone in class, including the bullies?”

  1. ╔Kimmeh╗ ♪♫ said:

    If you’re going to give gifts out, I don’t think it would be a very good idea to skip the bullies. Yeah, they’re bullies… they’re probably doing some very mean things, but if the other kids suddenly got presents, and they didn’t get anything… it would probably give them another reason to be even meaner to your son. I know I’d feel pretty bad if everyone else got gifts but me.

  2. rachel said:

    what a wonderful child. He knows what the spirit of Christmas is about…forgiveness.
    My kids give cards to their friends that they want and just attach a candy cane

  3. Izzy said:

    I never give out presents our cards. I did once but I have never again. To much work.

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  4. Lisa said:

    No my child will not be giving gifts to everyone in her class. That sounds ridiculously expensive. She will give a present to the teacher though. If you’re going to give presents to kids in the class, it would only be fair if you gave to everyone.

  5. Candis Koppang said:

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