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How do I find out what time my local stores open at on black friday?

I need to find out what time my local best buy and toys r us open at on black friday. Does anybody know how I can find out before midnight (central time)?

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3 Responses to “How do I find out what time my local stores open at on black friday?”

  1. dawn18417 said:

    They are already camping out in front of the circuit city,is that crazy or what.

  2. robert said:

    Look them up on the internet. You can probably call if necessary. Sometimes they have a recording giving the hours they are open.

  3. Jaime Gonzales said:

    Traditionally they open about 5 am like KB Toys or Wal-Mart, so I would suggest you get in line by 3:330 a.m

    Good luck! -and yes, some people are already camping out here in Texas also for entrance to the Best Buy so think about the weather and see if you want to go now and if you have support. Some people go in a group so they can keep a spot in line while others go to the bathroom or drive for snacks at the 24-hour gas station.

    Good luck & God Bless!



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