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What time does American Eagle open on Black Friday?

I can’t find a time on the web site that they are opening on black Friday. I also looked at the mall web site and I couldn’t find a time that they open either.

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5 Responses to “What time does American Eagle open on Black Friday?”

  1. beezy said:

    last year they opened at 7

  2. Meghannn! said:

    normal, ,like when the mall o[pens

  3. Holly Anneā™„ said:

    They open whatever time they usually open!(:

  4. hplss.rmntc said:

    Probably 6 or 7, the ones where I live open the same time that the malls open, which varies.

    They’re online sale starts on Thanksgiving though. If you’re on their mailing list they’ll email you a code for 20% off and free shipping good on Thanksgiving Day and Friday.

  5. keromonkey said:

    5am, I called, however thats just for Prov. Place Mall In RI, you may wish to call your local AE and ask them yourself.


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