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At what time do sales start at WalMart and Target on Black Friday?

I am planning to go to WalMart and Target to do my shopping on Black Friday but I want to be there nice and early. At what time does it all start?

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8 Responses to “At what time do sales start at WalMart and Target on Black Friday?”

  1. Debbie M said:

    usually 5 a.m. but ppl line up the night before is they really want something before they run out, there are usually no rain checks

  2. Stelly said:

    They usually say in the flyer’s – stores open at 5:00 a.m. or whatever! Happy hunting, split up and conquer!

  3. big mike said:

    12 noon

  4. Jane said:

    most places open at 5 or 6am on that day…but watch commercials they always start advertising like crazy right before, or watch ads in your local papers.

  5. eyerishiz said:

    5am is usually the time if you have a 24hr Walmart or SuperTarget. Otherwise, call to check times or wait for their sale flyers to come out and check them. They should all be in this Sunday’s paper.

    I’m doing my BlackFriday shopping online.Many stores offer their sale prices online as well as in-store. I’ve done it this way in the past, and shopping in my jammies with a hot cup of coffee and the fireplace going (while the kids are still sleeping!) is the way to go!
    There is no amount of money or any material good I want bad enough to get up that early, drag my 3 small kids out and deal with crazed holiday shopping crowds!! I’m not a “people person” I guess.

  6. Pink Princess said:

    I believe they usually open their doors at 5 AM which means you should be standing in line and waiting at about 4:30 AM because there will be a huge crowd waiting with you!

  7. ajkballard said:

    Most sales start at 5:00am or 6:00am. If you have something in mind that you want, you should be at least a few hours early. Check out these sites they might help you. Merry Christmas!!!

  8. youdidnthearitfromme said:

    i just thought u would like to know walmart and target both will be starting their black friday sale at 10pm thanksgiving day!!


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