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How to find deals on Black Friday?

If you are a regular “Black Friday” shopper, how do you find your deals? We have gone shopping for the past 4 years on Black Friday… there was only one year that it was worth doing because I was actually looking for some items that were on sale. This year I would like to consider some items that might be on sale… how do you find out? Do you just wait until the paper comes out that lists the things on sale or is there a way to find out sooner?

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6 Responses to “How to find deals on Black Friday?”

  1. Pink Princess said:

    The best thing to do is to wait for the paper to come out with all of the sales papers from the various stores. Also, about two weeks before Thanksgiving, the stores will start airing their commercials with their sales. Enjoy.

  2. Brittney F said:

    look in the paper the weekend or night before. Most stores post deals in there. BUT be careful. read the small print, that digital camera may only cost $50 but they might only have 5 total per store, so make sure you get out REALLY early to get all the good deals. Also, you may want to check websites to alot of your favorite stores. They have online only deals as well. GOOD LUCK and happy shopping.

  3. FaZizzle said:

    On Thanksgiving they will print a list of the “special deals” — if you know what you want it should be easy.

    Sometimes websites of Target or Walmart will give previews to the sales.

  4. Army*Wife said:

    i go every year.. ever since i can remember… you can always check out these websites they have some ads up now…

  5. Heather B said:

    I just wait for the paper

  6. vml119 said:

    You can always find deals online instead of waiting in long lines at the store. Online Store Coupon has a great black friday section. Visit the link below for the latest black friday deals.


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