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Does Bestbuy have sales in thanksgiving day?

Which one is the best store to buy a laptop on Thanksgiving day?

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4 Responses to “Does Bestbuy have sales in thanksgiving day?”

  1. MikeC said:

    Go here:

    Usually the day after thanksgiving is the best day!


  2. Aaroni said: ?

  3. NchantingPrincess said:

    Thanks giving day is a holiday for all stores

  4. precede2005 said:

    All the computer stores have sales everyday,there is nothing special on thanks giving day,as usual you will find the products marked as same price.They raised the price and offer a discount by Mail in rebate base.That’s within 15 days.What if you have received from a friend or someone else as gift it does takes transportation time,and you cannot connect it within 15 days and you will loose the mail in rebate.Buy on line from the Direct manufacturer like,,


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