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Are there Weekend Sales at Stores following immediately the thanksgiving?

I’ll be arriving at maryland by the noon of 24th are there still any sale or discount promotions until the 25th?

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9 Responses to “Are there Weekend Sales at Stores following immediately the thanksgiving?”

  1. Daisy Indigo said:

    The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the Year.

  2. subwayxyujykape said:

    Yes, the day after Thanksgiving. Aka Black Friday.

  3. relax1x said:

    The day after Thanksgiving is considered the biggest shopping day of the year. There are definitely huge sales going on the weekend after Thanksgiving, but the best sales are usually on that Friday and in the morning.

    By Saturday and Sunday, you usually miss out on the best deals. Good luck!

  4. Sean M said:

    I’ve worked in retail, and it’s true in terms of a frenzy the biggest shopping day of the year is Black Friday. However, this is not neccessarily when the best sales are. If you can’t make it out Black Friday or that weekend, two weekends immediately before the holiday is not only when you will often find better deal, but inventory levels are often at the highest levels as well.

  5. Bethy4 said:

    No, actually, they started already. God Bless.

  6. kim t said:

    Many stores have started their sales already, I know Walmart has you can get some great deals there. Kohl’s has sales it seems to me every week, and will have a ton more the closer it gets to the holiday season

  7. brooklyn7582 said:

    The day after is the biggest sales day, but some stores turn that into a weekend gig–Kohls, Goody’s, Sears.

    Just be sure to check your local sales ads that week! SOME do go all weekend.

  8. Stephanie H said:

    Hell Yeah! Black Friday & the weekend following Thanksgiving are the official start of the holiday shopping season & most stores are having some sort of sale. A lot fo the bigger department stores already have their after Thanksgiving ads available on line so you can see what will be on sale where ahead of time.

  9. Brenda said:

    I’m sure you will find sales everywhere starting from the day after Thanksgiving and on..I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and please let me wish PEACE to you and yours today and everday…;0)


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