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Why is Best Buy handing out tickets for Black Friday?

I read that they are for the door busters but I need someone to elaborate on this. I never have been to Best Buy for Black Friday and this will be my first time. Also, why do we need tickets?

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4 Responses to “Why is Best Buy handing out tickets for Black Friday?”

  1. Michael T said:

    because best buy is racist

  2. U R Sofa King said:

    to prevent stampedes, as this year there will be plenty of deals, just think back to last year when the people stampeded at walmart killing an employee, they want to prevent this from occuring, especially to be fair to those that camp out the nights before to get the deals. So the ticket is to prevent the crowd push to get into the building as they will go buy ticket order.

  3. sashazur said:

    Because they don’t want an uncontrolled crowd, which could be dangerous. Last year some people were trampled at a Walmart on Black Friday when too many people showed up and the crowd got out of hand.

  4. Souuuppp said:

    Black Friday every year is out of control… people camp in front of the store waiting for the best deals. But if you’re looking to find out about the prices of all the goodies this black friday, I have the best buy black Friday 2009 flyer on my website. Get there early and don’t get trampled! People have died waiting in line for black friday.


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