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Where is the best place to go Black Friday shopping in the Bay Area?

It is going to be my first time going Black Friday shopping and probably staying up waiting in line.

People might call this immature and crazy, but we’re teenagers. We need excitement, don’t blame us.

I was wondering what places are best to go shop at?

Fry’s, New Park Mall, Downtown SF, Best Buy.

Please feel free to give me any hints or suggestions of stores to go to. (=

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3 Responses to “Where is the best place to go Black Friday shopping in the Bay Area?”

  1. inglesa_loquita said:

    I hope you have a fab time experiencing the hoards of bargain-maddened, crazed shoppers who’ll be digging their elbows into your ribs as they charge past you to pick up that Plasma TV knocked down to a bargain $500! LoL!

    Seriously though, you can take a look at this page to check out a few of the bargains out there and click through to stores’ Black Friday Ads online:

    Happy shopping!

  2. skate_til_u_bleed said:

    Go to macmall for great deals and low low prices!

  3. Captain said:

    Try shopping online at
    Low Prices


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