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What girls stores have the best deals for black Friday?

I have saved up a lot money for black Friday. So when black Friday comes i want to know what store to go in and get the best deals. what i mean by girl stores is like forever21 wet seals Agaci Claire’s kohl Carson Macy Victoria Secret Pacsun. so on. I think you get the picture. i live in Chicago so i will be going to Gurnie mills and all over. but it this question does not necessarily have to be for those who live i Chicago. So please help me thanks

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3 Responses to “What girls stores have the best deals for black Friday?”

  1. Little Miss Anarchy Pants said:

    Don’t be a mindless consumer.

  2. air said:

    i usually buy from lovelynike
    it is a good store
    maybe you can try

  3. Rebecca said:

    they haven’t said their deals yet, so no one knows yet, just go to , they will keep you updated


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