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What are the best stores to do after Christmas shopping at?

I’m going shop at after christmas sales
what would be the best stores to shop at and get my moneys worth
I’m a trendy teens who is and aspiring model and looves high-fashion. Also I like to shop at stores like:
Forever 21
Victoria’s Secret
Dooney & Burke
If you know any more stores that you think I might like list them and I live in the Chicago area.
thanks alot
Juicy Couture, etc. and wherever they have cute items

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2 Responses to “What are the best stores to do after Christmas shopping at?”

  1. Christmas! said:

    oh gosh. its not even christmas yet and you’re already taking about AFTER christmas. well, all the stores you said above usually have stores. if you want good deals on juicy and dooney and bourke, go to an outlet. i got a purse for 100 there

  2. kaykay. said:


    Buying Coach & Victoria’s secret doesn’t make you high fashion or trendy. REAL fashionista’s can take an outfit from the thift shop, layer clothes together, and make a hot, couture-like outfit 🙂

    It seems to me like you’re into a lot of expensive brands, just for the sake of the brands, because you think they are “high fashion.” I bet you don’t even know anything about coach, or juicy couture, and how they came to be…

    To answer your question… Stores that I think you might like? Hum, you’re one of those people who will buy ANYTHING if you slap a brand name on it. SO UH I DK, LIKE, GO TO THE mALL?


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