What should my infant daughter get her Daddy for Christmas?

This is my daughter’s first Christmas. She will be 6 months old by Christmas time. Does anyone have any ideas on what she could make/get her daddy for Christmas? I want it to be something memorable and that he would just adore ๐Ÿ™‚ Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks!

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8 Responses to “What should my infant daughter get her Daddy for Christmas?”

  1. BABYGURL101 said:

    Try getting a picture of your little one and her father and put it on a t-shirt with “Greatest Dad”. or “I love you daddy”.

  2. lovesflowers said:

    get him something that he will have for ever. like a watch with her name and his name engraved at the back. you can also do it with a mans necklace. and if you have room, you can put her date of birth. with love to daddy.

  3. Beautiful Star said:

    Maybe a ring with her birthstone in it, or a nice digital frame with pictures of daddy and baby in it, something small and sentimental will do. Or even something with foot or handprints would be cute.

  4. liddard2000 said:

    does he have a hobby, does he read books, does he drive,try a model of his car. does he play games,darts, snooker, pool. does he have a dream car, to buy a model of, most shopping malls have a model shop, if not look on line.

  5. Kika F said:

    Get a Tshirt in his size and and have her put her hand prints all over it.

  6. My 2 ยข said:

    I got my husband a mug with a few of the best pictures of our daughter and had printed “I love you daddy with her name written with a childs font. There are a lot of places that do the mugs and you just upload your pictures and decide on the layout. Cost is about $13-$20 depending on the size and style of the mug. You have enough time but don’t wait too long.

  7. dad said:

    My youngsters gave me a set of oven mitts and potholders with personal messages, using iron-on letters and decals, and I love em. I have some other gift ideas like this at http://www.dadsinthekitchen.com/#/gift-list-for-men-who-cook/4546641499

  8. Liberty said:

    Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brnalilit posts.


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